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 Server script ESX framework Delux edit V.2.0

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PostSubject: Server script ESX framework Delux edit V.2.0   Sun Dec 03, 2017 4:13 pm

UniqueRP ESX framework Delux edit V.2.0 (latest update was 04.19.2018)

Joblist: (Illegal/legal jobs)

1.Police job: (Its whitelisted so you have to make application to get APPROVED or contact
"Yackob" on discord or our forum page http://www.sarlrp.eu/
Everybody who are in the team can open police menu with F6 and then you can find
a lot of useful stuff.

2.EMS: (It's also whitelisted,same goes for this,make application on forum page or contact
with "Yackob" on discord or our forum page http://www.sarlrp.eu/
EMS menu opens with F4.

3.Taxi job: You will find it on job center (NB: You will get only first rank from there
and if you wan't to make more money,just make a application on forums and wait my APPROVED
answer to run a taxi business or move on the next rank.
You can go on duty,when you go to yellow blimp,it's marked on map.

4.Mechanic job: You can find this job on job center as well.(NB: You will get only first rank from there
and if you wan't to make more money,just make a application on forums and wait my APPROVED
answer to run a taxi business or move on the next rank.
You can go on duty,when you are going to the yellow mechanic blimp,its alos found on a map.
Menu opens with F6

5.Car Dealer: Would you like to test it out? Its easy just go to job center and select your
first rank from there.(NB: You will get only first rank from there
and if you wan't to make more money,just make a application on forums and wait my APPROVED
answer to run a car dealer business or move on the next rank.

6.Drug dealing: It's there you don't have to select this job,just go on the blimp,what are
you looking for and start collecting your drugs.(NB:If you have collected your drugs,then
you have to pack them and go to the selling point,you will figuer it out,trust me!)
If you have sold them,then you will get a black money for it and you have to wash it to
make it out clean.There no ranks here,just sell what you wan't but don't get caught!

1.Garage system: You can store your car on the garage,its marked on map.

2.Vehicle shop : Just collect the money and buy a car you like.(NB:You have to have cash to
buy it.If you have it on bank account you can't buy a car from the shop.)

3.Car locking system: You can lock/unlock your car when you press "L" but don't spawn
more than one owned car.It can bug the system if you try to lock both of your owned cars.

4.Driving licenses: You have to have driving licenses to drive around Los Santos.There
is a driving school for it,go find it on the map.But if you fail,you lose your money and you
have to do it again!

5.Gun licenses: You wan't to own a gun?It's easy,just buy gun licenses on gun store and get

6.Phone: You can open your phone menu with F1 and call Taxi,EMS,Police,Mechanic or even a
car dealer.It's easy to use!

7.No carjack: I added this because I don't wan't to see people running around and stealing
cars and just troll around.NO! Get a job and earn to buy a car.(edited)
8.Store robbery: You can rob stores!(NB:It's not going to work if there is no cops online.
There has to be at least two cops online to rob stores.)

9.ID : You should see other players ID over their head.It's good,if you need to /report
trolls or players who cheat.OR just to see who is talking with you.

10.Street labels: You can find a street label system on the left corner.

11.Clothing shops: If you connect to our server first thing you will get is regitering
your name and making your own custom skin.But if you wan't to change clothes later on
then you can find clothing shops on the map.

12.Plate system: You can see your own car plate number.

13.Cruise control: You can enable/unenable it with "Y".

14.ATM: You need cash?Just go find a ATM and take out or put cash in the bank.

15.Police alerting system: Police will get alerted if somebody is jacking a car,punching
somebody or tries to steal something.

16.Roleplay chat system: /ooc /me /do

17.Voice system: For speaking to other players.

18.Car fuel system: If you need fuel,just go to fuel station.

19.LS Customs:If you have your owned vehicle,then you can customize it when you going to
LS Customs.

20.Custom Police cars:Police have their own custom vehicles.

21.Vehicle damage:Now I added a vehicle damage system so you would have to call a Mechanic to get your car fixed or run to your garage spawn point and spawn a car again.

22.Dirty money cleaning: Right now if you going to deal coke,meth,opium and other drugs,you get paid with dirty money.How to get it clean?Well you have to have a legal job and you can clean it by giving a money to your boss.Example "Mechanic job owner" give dirty money to him and he will  clean your dirty paper and will give you your cleaned paper  back.That's why we need "OWNERS" for the "Mechanic" "Taxi" job right now.Make an application on the forums to get OWNER's place.

23.Emotes system:You can now use emotes by typing /emotes (Then you can see the emote list) and if you wan't to play the emote just type /emote (and cmd) (Added more emotes in the game)

24.Custom Jailing system: This is made for us by our own Developer "Connor" its very nicely done.All the commands are the same as the old jailing system had.

25.Car handling mod: We now have a car handling mod.All cars now are with more realistic feel if you drive around with them.

26.Crouch: You can now press ctrl and crouch if you need to.

27.Ads system: You can now do /ad and it will let you advertise your business.

28.K-Menu:Just push "K" and you will see a vehicle menu,with few animations and other stuff.Check it out! (Made by Connor)

29.Report system is added: Players now can do /report  to let Admins know if they have found a bug or report other players when they see them cheating or what ever the case might be.

30.No Drive By: This script allows only passingers to drive by if its needed.Drivers can't do it any more.(Took that off,since cops still need to use it)

31.Banking system: We now have a new banking system and no more atm's around the map because its not needed.Plus keeps the roleplay going since you have to drive more around the city to get to the bank if you need so.

32.Scorboard: We now have a new scorboard,looks nice and way better than the old one was.

33.Add on cars: I have added some new cars in game so you can go and check them out from Vehicle shop. (36 cars atm)

34.Hospital:You can now go to a doctor and he will heal you.(Healing takes a little bit time so don't just push E and run away)

35.Masks:You can buy a mask from mask store what is located on beach.(For robberies)

36.I have packed a lot of small resources all together so everything is like it was but takes less resources.

37:Custom Vehicles:We now have 36 custom vehicles to buy from vehicle shop.
38.Custom Wheels:You can find custom wheels for your car on a LS Customs.
39.Windows UP/Down:You can roll car windows Up/Down if you press down arrow key.
40.Car handling:It's new,not the same as we had before.(Custom one)
41.Police Car Rewards:They are gone,nobody will get any guns if they enter to police cars.
42.LSPD cars:The liveries of the cars have been changed.
43.Sheriff cars:The liveries have been changed.
44.Spectator mod:It's only for admins if they need to check the players.
45.Essentialmod 5.2:Essentialmode had an update so we are running the latest ESM now.
46.Mysql-async:It's updated as well to latest one to run everything smoother.
47.Gun Deleter:It's a helping script for admins to delete items if they need to.
48.Death/Join:We now recive a message when someone joins/leaves or dies.
49.Droping items:You can now drop items instantly on the ground (before we had to wait 5min.)
50.Paychecks:You will get paid every 20min.Paychecks have been lowerd since you recive them every 20min.
51.New Hud:We now have new money hud with custom icons.
52.Logo:Always on logo is shown on the bottom right side.
53.New menu:Menu looks different in game.
54.Drugs system:Drugs system has been updated.You can sell drugs and get "CLEAN MONEY" for it.
55.Drugs to NPC's:You can sell drugs to NPC's and get "CLEAN MONEY" for it.
56.NPC Gun Drops:It has been disabled,so you can't get guns from NPC's.
57.Panic button:Police can use panic button now if they need backup!
58.Police Radar:New police radar is added in.
59.Police Detective skin:You can play as police detective now.
60.Mecano Job:It has been fixed,got rid of the small bugs and now the workwear works as well.
61.Gruppe6:You can work as Gruppe6 security guard.(Custom missions)
62.Garbage Job:You can work as a garbage man.(Work clothing works as well)
63.Gruppe6 car pack:Gruppe 6 car pack is added in as well
64.5More jobs:Butcher,Miner,Fisherman,Fueler,Lumberjack has been added to City Hall jobs list.(If you select one of these jobs you will see icons on a map to get started).
65.Bankrobbery:You can rob a bank but 4 cops must be online to do it.
66.Paycheck ammounts:They have been changed,they was too high and I had to lower them.Except Police and Ambulance,they have much higher rates to motivate them to be on service and help others.
67./PV: This command don't work anymore,you can only spawn cars from the garage.
68.Garages:New garages are added on map to spawn cars.(Circle positions are fixed now).
69:Pursuit PD cars:Two more police cars are added in the police cars list.(Ferrari and Porsche).
70.AFK:Away From Keyboard is added in the server.It will kick you out of the server if you are away for 6min.
71.Ls Customs:Prices are now changed.
72.Admin Vehicle:New admin car with 3 liveries added in the server for admins only.
73:Hospital Respawn:From now on if you die you will not loose money.But you still have to pay 1000 hospital fee.Timing has changed also from 5 min to 4.
74.Black Money:Its removed from the system.Yes boss menu's has it still but since drugs was using black money and our drug system is changed,it will not give you any dirty,there is no point of keeping the icon there and its now removed,I'm not going to remove this from the boss menu but I might do it on the future.

Latest updates!

77.Vehicle engine:Your car now turns on automaticly if you step in the car.You can turn it on/off by pushing "X".
78.Fuel system:New one is added in.It will show you your fuel status under the car plate hud.
79.Car Damage System:Your car now brokes down if you drive reckless and only mechanics can help you out to fix your car.
80.LSPD Doors:Police can lock/unlock doors on PD,even cells are now lockable.
81.Give Up:If police stops you or robbers try to rob you and you need to give up just type in /giveup to make sure they see it.
82.Three new cars:Yes! That's right.3 new cars are added in,with lower prices,so right now if you think you need a new fresh wheels go buy one of them at our vehicle shop!
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Server script ESX framework Delux edit V.2.0
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