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 Connor Night's LSPD Application

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Connor Night

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PostSubject: Connor Night's LSPD Application   Mon Jan 08, 2018 12:07 am

In Game Name [Connor Night!]:

Forum ID: Connor Night


Age: 19

Country and Timezone you are in: Uk GMT/BST

Can you Speak, Understand, Read, and Write English?: Yes

How long have you been apart of the Community?: 2 days

How active are you during a usual week: As an Developer of UniqueRp i am going to be very active but i will be busy with Developing now and then

Do you Understand that you can be Terminated from the LSPD at anytime: Yes

Do you Understand that you can be Terminated from the LSPD at anytime: When i was a young boy i wanted to live in Los Santos but my parents never let me so when i grew up i wanted to live my dream and move to Los Santos so that i did do, Then i see posters around city says The Police is recruiting then i though to myself this could be a new start so i desided to apply to become an Officer but in the mean while i am a Mechanic at Los Santos Custom

Do you have any past real life experience with Law Enforcement; Nope

Have you ever been involved in another Law Enforcement Sim. or RP group? Are you still involved with that group currently: i was before but i am not currently

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Connor Night's LSPD Application
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