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 East Side Ballas

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PostSubject: East Side Ballas    Tue Jan 16, 2018 9:17 pm


The Ballas are a large African-American street gang.The Ballas control almost the entire community of Davis.
The cul-de-sac of Grove Street is a particular hot spot for activity as well as Davis Avenue, Brouge Avenue and Covenant Avenue in the neighborhood.

They can be heard saying "East Side, nigga!" and "Fuck you, West Side bitches!".
ESB normally wear jerseys of the Los Santos Panic or purple striped polo shirts, and sometimes black and white tank tops.
They are at war with the Families, mainly the Davis Neighborhood Families set.

You often can see them drinking, driving cars, bikes, and even walking dogs. Most Ballas stand on the sidewalks in groups of 3-5.
Their weapons include pistols and knives. Members are also seen smoking cigarettes, marijuana, and drinking PiƟwasser.

Gang Territory

Gang Members


Gang Ranks

OG = Original Gangster (Leader)

Street Soldier


Gang Ranks Info

Original Gangster : OG's are the leaders,who are leading the Gang.They are the real shot callers.Other members have to respect him and if he want's you to do something you will do it!
OG's will provide guns for the gang members,wash dirty money,handle the drug business and all other kind of dirty business.Since OG's are the head of this crew,other members have to
protect him by the police or from other gang members.

Street Soldier:He is the second biggest rank in this faction.His job is to protect OG's and give missions to hoodrats.They will handle the drive by's,drugs,guns and will keep an eye on the hood.

Hoodrats:They have to prove them self for the Streets Soldiers and OG'S.So their job is to sell drugs,steal money,tag enemy territory,brawl and do what ever it takes to get respected on the block.They will get missions from Streets Soldiers and they follow their orders.

Gang Rules

1. Civilians or Mafia, they are not allowed to attack in Gangs shootouts, Only Outsiders or Gang Members. If there is a Mafia in the middle of the shootout then they can shoot, but they can't come with a gang to shoot other gangs.
If a Gang attacked a Mafia, the Mafia can do a Revenge.

2. Gangs, they can't use Army's weapons (RPG, Granades, Sniper...). This is not the Irak war.

Weapons Allowed: Pistol,Knifes,Bat,Uzi
Weapons not Allowed: Rpg, Granades, Sniper, sticky bombs and more....

3. Drivers can't shoot in a Drive by, that is not allowed, only Passegers can shoot.

4. Do not start a Gang war without Leaders permission.

5. Do not kill your team.

6. If someone comes into somewhere you claim as your terrority or if they start attacking you first, you are allowed to kill him.

7. If you got killed in a gang attack, you can't come back again to the Gang attack.

You died, so you can't remember anything if you do then you are doing MG (Metagame). So don't try it.(That rule goes even if you are in COMA)

8. Always roleplay and do not do PG (Powergame, unrealistic Roleplay)

9. Do not pull out a big gun like Ak-47, Shotguns or any other big gun, without a good Roleplay.

Ex: /me opens the Car's trunk and takes out a AK-47. (That is a Good RP)

10. You can't attack two times a row in one hour, If your gang attacked other gang your gang need to wait atleast one hour to attack again.
(NB: If a server admin sees you attacking more than one time on one hour,HE CAN,kick you or BAN(For a week or more)you.Do not try to test us.
Gang leader will be notified about it and he can kick you out of the gang.)

11. Your gang can attack 4 times per day, and your gang is allowed to attack, only if the other gang have more than 3 gang members online. (Your gang want to attack other faction, Your gang can attack them, if they have more than 3 members online).

12.If you pull out a Ak-47 without a RP then you pulled it out from your ASS, and that is PG (unrealistic Roleplay) (Always RP it)

13. Do not heal during a fight or Shootout, if you're dying just run away and escape... (If you heal during a Fight or shootout that is PG)

Don't broke any Gang Rules or it will result a Uninvite.
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East Side Ballas
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