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 Application LSPD Levi Ward

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PostSubject: Application LSPD Levi Ward   Thu Feb 01, 2018 5:28 pm

In Game Name:Levi Ward

Forum ID:Levio



Country and Timezone you are in:Germany, UTC

Can you Speak, Understand, Read, and Write English?:I speak fluent english german hungaryan.

Have you read and Understand the Rules?Yes

How long have you been apart of the Community?Just joined. :$

How active are you during a usual week? 3-4 hours a day.

Do you Understand that you can be Terminated from the LSPD at anytime?Yes.

Why do you want to join the Los Santos Police Department? (125 Word Minimum) (In Character)Because in my early life i was a rookie Swat member , but i just moved to LA , so im looking for a new job, i got a weapon license , a Class A+ , B Driving License, i speak fluent english , german and hungaryan , i have no kids no wife so im expendable, my new goals are to be able to rejoin LSPD Swat , or the military.

Do you have any past real life experience with Law Enforcement?Yes im a Police officer irl in Germany.

Have you ever been involved in another Law Enforcement Sim. or RP group? Are you still involved with that group currently ?Yes, im the Chief of Swat , and PD of SeeMTA, usually on the weekends with 600-800 online players, i just got bored of it because when you have to /me / do every single action is pretty much boring. Im playing on SeeMTA as the Chief of Swat for like 5 years now.

What skills, traits and attributes do you posses that would benefit the police department?{Minimum 80 words) (In Character)I created the SWAT , and he AirForce on SeeMTA, im sure i can help you guys also out with stuff like that , and im good at organizing etc.

Please tell us about yourself(Hobbies,Likes/Dislikes,etc...):Hi , im levi , im 18 years old , im a police officer in germany IRl, im currently studying as a Rookie jetpilot in the Luftwaffe(german Airforce) i love to fly even those things that not supposed to fly^^ i got a dog and i love technic , PC-s.

Please feel free to add in whatever it is you feel you would like to share here.
What would you like to say to whoever reads this?
(this can be whatever you want! RP or OOC)
If i get accepted, later on i would like to be able to become a SWAT member:) or any other high rank officer, because thats what i RP-d/RP-ing for 5years now. i never break character only in/ooc if the person has technical issues or soemthing like that lol!

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Application LSPD Levi Ward
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