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 Sheriffs Department - Application format

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PostSubject: Sheriffs Department - Application format   Mon Mar 26, 2018 1:11 pm

Title your application with only your first and last name followed by the word "Application"

Example: "John Richardson Application"

In Game Name [Has to be a realistic First and Last name!]:

Forum ID:
(What you use the login to this website)

(If you don't know where to find it you can find it here)


Country and Timezone you are in:

Can you Speak, Understand, Read, and Write English?:

Have you read and Understand the Rules?

How long have you been apart of the Community?

How active are you during a usual week?

Do you Understand that you can be Terminated from the Sheriffs Department at anytime?

Why do you want to join the Sheriffs Department? (125 Word Minimum) (In Character)

Do you have any past real life experience with Law Enforcement?

Have you ever been involved in another Law Enforcement Sim. or RP group? Are you still involved with that group currently ?

What skills, traits and attributes do you posses that would benefit the sheriffs department?{Minimum 80 words) (In Character)

Please tell us about yourself(Hobbies,Likes/Dislikes,etc...):

More info about your self:

Please feel free to add in whatever it is you feel you would like to share here.
What would you like to say to whoever reads this?
(this can be whatever you want! RP or OOC)
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Sheriffs Department - Application format
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