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 General Role play Terminology

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PostSubject: General Role play Terminology   Sun Dec 03, 2017 4:35 pm

Common Roleplay Terms

Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Common Roleplay Terms
...2.1 Roleplay
...2.2 In Character (IC)
...2.3 Out of Character (OOC)
...2.4 Metagaming (MG)
...2.5 Powergaming (PG)
...2.6 Deathmatching (DM)
...2.7 Non-RP

1. Introduction

This list provides new and old players with a reference to any common terms that are used on the server for a variety of reasons. The guide will be helpful for many who are confused with abbreviated words that they not understand but can come across a lot while on the server.

2. Common Roleplay Terms

2.1 Roleplay

The acting out or performance of a regular person ingame (e.g acting like regular civilian, a gangster, hispanic, african american, etc.)

2.2 In Character (IC)

In Character is your character's roleplay, this is his/her actions and words being said.

2.3 Out of Character (OOC)

Out of Character is when you, as a player are talking or doing actions outside of In Character actions. Examples are talking in /b (OOC chat) about topics that are not related to your In Character roleplay.

2.4 Metagaming (MG)

Using information you have gotten from Out of Character ways and using it In Character. e.g Using private messages to tell your friend your character is in trouble at a certain location.

2.5 Powergaming (PG)

Roleplaying unrealistic things that wouldn't happen in the real world and not allowing others to react to your roleplay. e.g a five year old carrying around a weapon, fighting a person with your fists when he is armed with a gun, throwing someone out of a car without allowing the other person to react to your actions.

2.6 Deathmatching (DM)

This is when a player shoots another player for no valid In Character reasoning. If such problems occur you may make a forum report with valid proof.

2.7 Non-RP

Doing things that are considered not sufficient to be considered good standard roleplay depending on the situation at hand. e.g running around a crime scene for no reason, dancing and screaming in a trollish manner in a serious situation, not roleplaying fear appropriately in situations realistically.

Locals - The AI that reside in San Andreas, please refrain from calling them “AI” or “NPCs”

The city/the state - how to refer to the server. Ex: “How long have you lived in this state?” (How long have you played on the server?)

Remember this is a serious role play server. Everyone must remain in character even through rule breaking. Try to role play every situation to the best of your ability.

Above all, have fun!

More to come....
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General Role play Terminology
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